What are whole house filter systems?

Whole house system Filters and Fountains

What exactly is Whole House filtration?

Put simply, the whole house system gets rid of all the nasties from the water before it gets to your tap. Chlorine, sediment, heavy metals as well as the usual chlorine and pesticides.

How our whole-house water purifiers work...

The whole-house water purifier is plumbed in at the mains point of entry to your home. The twin system Pre-filter and carbon/KDF unit filters out dirt and sediment as well as reduces heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, harmful pesticides, herbicides, taste and odour. The system filters all incoming water before it enters your home which means every single tap from the kitchen to the shower and washing machine is using clean, safe and healthy water. Great for indoor and outdoor plants as well.

Our initial whole house system is guaranteed for 12 months. Replacement filters will need to be changed after this period. With every purchase of any of our products, you go on the database - we will call to arrange delivery to your home for the simple do it yourself cartridge changes. Alternatively, we can get one of our trusted service people (or your local plumber) to install this for you at a nominal fee*. 

This is our most popular filter system so call us today to book your consultation.


* installation and consultation dependant on location.




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