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From a Palmerston North school:

At the start of the year, the students were surveyed and asked what they think could be done better in the school.  The feedback was collated and discussed with staff.  We worked through some of these ideas over the year and have put some in place.  Students asked for a ‘quiet space’ at lunchtime so now we have a designated class each day, where students can go, listen to music, colour in, read books, play with lego or do other indoor activities.  This space has been utilised well and is actively supervised by a staff member.

Students also asked for a noticeboard, and we have put this up outside room 6, so that students can look at what activities are on offer during break times, where the quiet space is, who the staff are that are in the playground and any other notices that are relevant to the students.

One other part of the feedback, was around property.  Students have asked for a bigger sandpit and better drinking fountains.  The sandpit will be done next year in March so we will have 2 sandpits for students to play in.  Our students love playing in the sand and our current sand pit is too small for the size of the school.

The water fountains have always been on the wish list and they are very expensive.  Earlier this year, one of the students, Keira, visited the Homes Show and engaged in a discussion with Grant from Filters and Fountains.  She wrote a letter to Whaea Leiana and this was shared with the Board.  Keira had asked if the water fountains could also have bottle fillers so that the students can fill their water bottles easily.  Whaea Leiana and Keira worked with Grant and found the perfect water fountains for our school.  We have also decided to put in another fountain by the junior classes.  These fountains have been ordered and arrived at a significant cost ($6k) excluding installation.  Grant has donated a filter for under the bench to help cover the cost of getting a plumber in.  After talking with Keira, early in 2019, we will run a competition for these to have designs and be wrapped based on the children's ideas.  We will be aiming for these to be installed by the end of term 1.  Thanks Keira for being a LEGEND and helping make a positive difference in the school. 

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From Karen, Auckland:

Hi Grant

Great to meet you today, we love our new drink station THANK YOU

Liquid for life

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From Russ, May 2018:

As a person with a high level spinal injury, but with reasonable upper body function and strength and using a wheelchair to mobilize, I had been looking at a new filter system for drinking water on various websites for a few weeks. I needed an under bench system where I could easily change the filter myself, without having to call a plumber and getting charged an arm and a leg to do so. (Sorry, pun not intentional)


I came across Grant from “Filters & Fountains” on their stand at the 2018 Auckland Hutchwilco Boat Show. Grant with his fountain of knowledge (oops, again no pun intended) around water filtration showed me one of their systems. The under bench system with a new fountain which I needed was perfect. The pipe attachment system with inward flow shut off valve was also perfect and easy for me to change myself, even with some dysfunction in one of my hands. Grant gave me a great show price and charged me well under what he should have to come and install. He went out of his way to make sure it all worked for me and I was able to easily change the filter before he left after installing.


Thanks Grant I highly recommend you and your team for a great product and service. Oh and the water tastes great again.