This competition has now closed - you can now watch the amazing winner from Shelly Road School, and just remember, we are only an email away from answering your questions on water purification, drinking fountains and more....


You will all excuse me for writing this from my perspective:

I have worked with Grant for only a very short time, but during this time I have seen his passion for the water business - because he truly believes in it. Water, as we all know, is essential to our health and well being. 

My daughter attends our local primary school. It's not a high nor particularly low decile school but has a lovely mix of kids from all walks of life. Because this school is in a 'mixed wealth' area, I see all sorts of kids arriving at school. I was shocked the other day to watch a kid that is in the same year as my daughter walk to school with a 2 litre bottle of fizzy drink.

I know that promoting #wateronlyschools won't solve the problem of kids choosing to buy other drinks outside of school, but I can hope that it shows the benefits of choosing to not buy the bad stuff. By only allowing water during the school day this will help some kids who didn't ever see this as an option.

If you want to enter the competition currently promoted on The Project NZ, email Jesse and give a great case - from the kids perspective - as to the reasons WHY you deserve to win!